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  • Matthew Whitaker Quintet with Tucson Jazz Institute at The Fox Theater
  • Artist in Residence, Elliot Mason, performing with U of A Jazz under the direction of Dr. Angelo Versace at the TJF2023 Downtown Jazz Fiesta
  • Tucson Jazz Institute performs at The Fox Theater

Inspiring the next generation

Our mission is to influence the discovery and celebration of live jazz performance and music education through community engagement anchored by a world-class jazz festival in downtown Tucson.

We believe that music is a lifeblood and delivers immeasurable benefits. Jazz music can play an important role in inspiring a generation of lifelong learners to create, explore, and be inspired.

Tucson Jazz Festival Education Programs provide opportunities to students of all ages, teachers, and families, especially in underserved communities. Participants within our community are enriched through the many diverse facets of our education programming.

Executive Director, Khris Dodge is a former public high school educator as well as professionally trained musician. He also serves as the Conductor, Music Director of the Tucson Pops Orchestra. Thus, he is uniquely qualified to vision and lead Tucson Jazz Education program initiatives

From first-hand interactions with artists, to performances designed specifically for younger students, to specially priced tickets for students, to arts integration curriculum, our goals for education within our community are far-reaching.

Jimmy Heath with Max Goldschmidt on trumpet.

Executive Director Khris Dodge:

“The Tucson Jazz Festival and I share a deep commitment to education.  Not only do we support music programs at the University of Arizona, but we also support the Tucson Jazz Institute, and in this last year have expanded our reach within the community.  A great example is a matinee performance at Fox Theater for elementary students during the 2023 Festival that combined Jazz and Shakespeare.  Thanks to a generous sponsor, we were also able to send an entire school, Utterback Middle, to this performance as well.  Over 1,000 students total were reached through this unique performance. 

More is planned for the future as we extend our reach in education. I invite you and our entire community to be part of it.”

K - 12

  • Create opportunities to bring more students to view TJF concerts
  • Continue and expand the student matinee program to become a permanent fixture within the festival
  • Create opportunities for local and national jazz musicians to do short versions of larger performances
  • Bring high school students to evening jazz performances and events
  • Bring jazz artists into schools for residencies
  • Create and implement jazz specific curriculum in local schools

High School/University

  • Create more artist residencies for college/HS music students
  • Present artists outside Tucson Jazz Festival to offer master classes to students
  • Create performing opportunities for graduates of TJF supported institutions
  • Continue to support Tucson Jazz Institute artist in residence program as well as creating more fundraising opportunities for TJI

Adults/Lifelong Learners

  • Providing jazz history and cultural seminars for active adult learners such as The Learning Curve, UA Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
  • Creating programming for active adult communities such as Splendido, Saddlebrooke, La Posada
  • Partner with Alzheimer’s units or organizations for specialty jazz programming

Our Mission

Our mission is to influence the discovery and celebration of live jazz performance and music education through community engagement anchored by a world-class jazz festival in downtown Tucson.

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